We have 40+ years’ experience of electronics circuit design and prototyping, FPGA designs, FW and SW designs.

We are experienced in all phases of new product development from the conceptual stages to production release. We are experienced in designing complex electronics hardware including digital and analog circuits, as well as FPGAs,  embedded  software, signal integrity,  timing budget,  simulation, high-speed PCB layout, hardware debug and  testing, image processing/compressing, sensors fusing, EMI/EMC compliance, and manufacturability.

We are successfully building  a following, not limited to products during our career. We are working side by side with our customers, from the initial concept to full integration in the final product, meeting customer system specifications and time-to-market requirements.

We  provide the following services:

  • Custom IP Core design
  • Technological consulting
  • EMC/EMI/ESD troubleshooting
  • Signal and Power Integrity troubleshooting
  • Circuit design and prototyping